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Transparent Garnet AB 11/0 - These gorgeous beads will look good on many colors, but especially great with pink or burgundy thread. $2.99 per hank.
Silverlined Crystal AB 11/0 - You can use these beads with any color thread to knit a sparklingly beautiful purse. $2.99 per hank.
Transparent Light Amethyst Luster 11/0 - These beads are a gorgeous mauve color and look beautiful when paired with a pink, mauve or lavender thread. $2.99 per hank.
Transparent Luster Mix 11/0 - Another great selection, these beads have a soft, multi-hued grace that will make a great combination with a light colored thread. $2.99 per hank.
Silverlined Multi-Color Mix 10/0 - This is a great and sparkling mix with a rainbow of colors. Can be used with any color thread but would look especially nice with black. $2.99 per hank.
Silverlined Charcoal Gray 11/0 - Subtle yet sparkling; another bead that will look great with just about any color thread. $2.99 per 40 gram bag.
8/0 Crystal Clear AB - These lovely beads will transmit the color of the thread through the beads, with a multi-hued sparkle from the AB finish. These beads are larger than the other beads listed and can be used with a size 5 perle cotton as well as the smaller size 8. This will result in a slightly larger bag. $4.99 per hank.

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