Portable PincushionTM

The beauty of the Portable PincushionTM is that it stays where you put it. It comes with hook and loop tape, so you can move the pincushion from place to place, always keeping it where you need it. You simply place the loop (fuzzy) side of the fastener on your sewing machine, in a place that's convenient for you. Then stick the pincushion to your machine. This keeps the pincushion out of the way of your sewing project, yet securely and conveniently handy. You can put another piece of the loop side on your ironing board, sewing caddy, serger, anywhere else you need it! Carry your pincushion from place to place, knowing that once you stick it down, it will stay there till you move it. Another great feature is that the pins really stay in the pincushion. Even if you drop it, or toss it across the room, the pins will stay stuck.

Here's another great trick. Make an elastic wrist strap with a piece of loop tape sewn onto it. Now, you can stick your Portable PincushionTM on your wrist, so it's always handy.

Item PC - Portable PincushionTM $2.49

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