Quilt TamersTM

If you machine quilt, or quilt in a floor hoop or frame, you'll love Quilt TamersTM Use these stretchy retainers to keep your quilt under control while machine quilting or using a hoop. They consist of two pink plastic clips, connected by sturdy elastic. The two clips interlock to hold the quilt sandwich firmly, while the elastic surrounds and secures the rolled or folded quilt. Simply the best thing going for machine quilting! And, if you need to keep the quilt up off the floor while quilting in a hoop or frame, Quilt TamersTM will do the job perfectly. Fits any size quilt, and works with virtually all types of batting*. Two Quilt TamersTM per package.

*The only batting we are aware of that doesn't work well with Quilt TamersTM is the extra-thick cotton batting by Quilter's Dream.

Item QT - Quilt TamersTM $8.99

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