Rotary Cutting Templates

What makes SewUniqueTM Rotary Cutting Templates unique? The holes, that's what! Our templates have tiny, precise holes drilled at the critical match points, so making quilts from so-called 'difficult' patterns is a breeze. When I say precise, I mean precise. There's no point in having a marking slot or hole in a template if they're big enough to drive a truck through! To make your quilts come out right the first time, you need accurate cutting and precise marking. Our templates give you both. Cut from sturdy 1/8" clear acrylic, each template has precision holes drilled at the points where two pieces need to match. See our Tips & Tricks page to find out why you should never clip the seam allowances when piecing curved patterns. Our templates come in the following patterns:

Double Wedding Ring: All the pieces you need to create a beautiful heirloom are in this set. You get the appropriate pieces for the traditional "pieced arc," as well as the one for the "seamless arc." Also included in the set is the "large melon" used in conjunction with the large background piece to create lots of extra patterns. Circle size 15".

Item DWR - $29.95

Drunkard's Path: One of my all time favorite patterns. The possibilities are endless with this pattern. You can make birds, bats, turtles, fish, along with all of the traditional variations. There's no limit to the wonderful quilts you can make with just these two pattern pieces. Makes a 4" block.

Item DP - $7.95

Bow Tie: Another traditional favorite with lots of possibilities, including a really cute Christmas wreath. This two piece set make a 6" block..

Item BT - $7.95

Clamshell: Another great traditional pattern with lots of possibilities. The secret to success with this challenging pattern is careful alignment of the pieces. The holes in our templates make this alignment a breeze. Template makes a 5" clamshell.

Item CS - $7.95

Ice Cream StarTM: A star that looks difficult, but is actually quite easy. Once again, we make it easy by putting those precise marking holes in all the important places. This pattern is great for "focused" cutting, where you cut each piece in the star in the exact same place on the fabric. Add a great background fabric, and you've got a masterpiece! Makes a hexagon 6" on each side.

Item ICS - $7.95

Hearts & FlowersTM: At last, a true pieced heart, without squared edges. Again, the challenge of assembling this beautiful pattern is met with tiny holes, in just the right places. If you're looking for a pretty heart that makes up quickly, this is the one for you. Pattern pieces are large enough to use with sub-pieced (such as watercolor) variations. Completed block is 7".

Item HF - $9.95

Trillium/SpoolTM: First, we took the traditional spool pattern, also known as apple core, made it really easy to use (what else? we added holes). Then, we extended the pattern lines to create a 60 diamond. The result is a beautiful three-petaled flower we call a Trillium. Looks great with white or pink petals with yellow in the centers. Or, take off on a color adventure and create a masterpiece! Makes a hexagon 6" on each side.

Item TS - $9.95

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